Original source

So I’m starting a little series here on my blog to help me be motivated to finish up products. I’ve got a products empty page thats on the menu bar, on that page I will be uploading images of products I have finished as well as providing a mini review.

The first product to be added on “project product empties”

Original Source vanilla and raspberry shower gel


” Here at Original Source, we are proud to carry the Vegan trademark on our bottles. At a glance, where you see this trademark, you know that we, like others, do not test on animals and nor do we have any testing conducted by 3rd parties on our behalf and that each Original Source product contains no animal ingredients.” (from their website)

According to the packet they use only natural fragrances which is why it smells amazing and good enough to eat. It works as well as any other body wash, foams up nicely and is really inexpensive, at only $4.40 from woolworths. I am keen to try their new pineapple scent.

Will I repurchase? 

yes but not until I finish up all the others I have 


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