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Glamourflage Halo Helen cleanser


My second product empty is the Glamourflage Halo Helen facial cleanser RRP $17.95

“Wash those cares away with a smorgasbord of natural oils and cleansers (jojoba seed oil, wheat germ and coconut oil to name but a few). Cleansed and revived – there’s nothing like starting afresh!”  from their website

This is a cream cleanser and because of that I feel like I did have to use a little bit more than if it were gel, in saying that it did last a very long time (received it in April this year). It smells like apples which is amazing but after a few weeks of use you stop noticing the scent as much.

Unlike other cleansers that say what it will do eg removes dirt, cleans pores etc. This cleanser doesn’t claim to do anything like that, I did find it to be  good cleanser but didn’t notice any major difference, this would be good for people with normal skin and with very little skin problems.

The packaging is really cute and was inspired by the 1940s and 50s and it’s also an Australian company so that’s always a plus.

Glamourflage’s philosophy is defined by “Serious Fun…Serious Skincare.” We believe in skincare made with the quality, natural ingredients which have not been tested on animals. Each one of our products comes uniquely packaged with an individual story from a glamorous 1940/50’s pin up girl who will take you on a journey into her exciting and fun life! Our sexy and classy packaging means Glamourflage is a great gift idea for any lady of the house.” (from their website)

Will I repurchase this?

Yes, I already have. 


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