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December 2014 Lust Have It

This box came a few days before Christmas so it was really good timing and it came with a red bag this month which I thought was a really nice touch.


So what came in the box this month:

wpid-20141226_191317-1.jpg    wpid-20141226_191458_1-1.jpg     wpid-20141226_191845-1.jpg      wpid-20141226_191803-1.jpg    wpid-20141226_191653-1.jpg

1. The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate bath salts This is a full sized product and the RRP is $18.50

2. The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask Now I can’t tell if this is a full sized item or not, the packaging doesn’t mention how much product there is but it does look like the full sized amount and it does come in their standard packaging so the full sized item comes with 50g and RRP is $24.95

3. Lonvitalite C1 Mask This is a full sized item, it is one sheet which RRP for $9.95

4. Designer Brands Extend A Brow This is a full sized item, it contains little fibres which when applied to your eyebrows to create a fuller look, even though I got the colour light/medium it doesn’t look odd when applied to my dark eyebrows. The RRP is $12.99

5. Inika Pure Primer This is a deluxe sample size, the full size product has 50ml and RRP for $60, this sample has 30ml and comes to $36

The total for this box is $102.39

There are a lot of great products and almost all are full sized which is great.


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