Singapore Pruchases

I am back from my holiday so I will get back to posting regular content

I didn’t buy a lot of beauty products while overseas (which I am proud of, as I have a lot of products to get through) but I did get a few things:


First some products from Victorias Secret;

2 body creams in Coconut Passion and in Mango Temptation. Both of these smell just like their name and the good thing about a cream (instead of the lotion) is that it does give more moisture.

and a limited edition body spray in Ultimate Flirt Vanilla Flower and Sparkling Plum, You can really smell the vanilla in this spray with a hint of sugar.


The other beauty product I bought were these Missha Pure Source sheet face mask in;

Pearl – which is brightening and vitalising

Honey – which is moisturising and glowing

I am excited to see how these work, they did have a variety of different ‘flavours’ that targeted different problems affecting the skin. If you go onto their website you can find some stockists here in Australia.

And those are just the few beauty related items I purchased


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