Inflight Beauty

So I thought I’d do a post on what I took on board with me during my holiday. I’m not one too wear a lot of (or any at all) makeup when I’m travelling, My longest flight this trip was 8 hrs long so I thought it would be a good time to treat and protect my skin from the drying air.


 Lip balm – You need to keep your lips hydrated and this EOS lip balm does the trick, it’s easy to apply, smells and tastes great and makes my lips soft.

Face Wipes – If you are wearing makeup it is a good idea to take it off while on the plane to let your skin breathe so it’s handy to keep a small pack of face wipes. I took a 5 pk of Fuss Free Naturals face wipes

Face mask – While you’re sitting on a flight watching some movies it is a great time to treat yourself with a face mask, take a favourite of yours ideally something that is hydrating, just make sure it is under 100ml. I took a sample size of the Aveda Intensive hydrating masque. 

Moisturiser – To moisturise your skin after your mask, after you take your makeup off or anytime your skin feels dry. I took a sample size of the Aveda Tourmaline charged hydrating creme. 

Hand sanitiser  –  This is pretty self explanatory, there are a lot of germs especially on the planes so it is very handy to have this on you.

Tip: Drinking a lot of water will help keep you internally hydrated and thus keeping your skin hydrated.

If you would like to take some makeup with you, you only need the basics:


Some eyeliner and mascara to open and define the eyes

Powder to even out and mattify the skin with something to apply it with


Lip gloss/lip stick to add some colour to your lips

Hope this helps you on what to pack on your next trip 🙂


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