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Valentines gift


I love putting together gifts for friends so when my friends boyfriend asked for help in picking out a present for his girlfriend, I was more than excited to help.

So our theme with this box is pampering, a perfect valentines theme.

So what did we pick out:

First stop The Body Shop, we picked up a small strawberry body butter

Then we stopped by White Magic Candles which is pop up store (if you live in Sydney you can find out where the stands will be by looking at their Facebook page, link here). They had scented tea light candles, which you were able to pick and mix 12 for $10 which is great cause it gives the recipient the choice of trying a variety of scents before deciding to purchase a full sized candle.

And because we bought tea light candles we needed something nice for her to put it in so we picked up this cute lotus flower candle holder, you can find heaps of cute ones from the dollar store.

Next stop Kmart for exfoliating gloves and 2 face masks (Pomegranate and Honey flavoured)

We also went into Peter Alexander for some cute pjs (there’s not pictured above but we just placed it on top over everything else in the box)

Our last stop off was Lush and this is where the bulk of the present is from, we got a variety of items for the shower and bath, lip scrub, shaving cream (D’ fluff, which is more like a mousse and feels amazing) and foot lotion.

I do find buying smaller versions of the product is good if  the person you’re buying it for hasn’t used it before, incase they don’t like the scent you bought and so it’s not a waste. It is also cheaper meaning you can add more items in to give variety.

Hope this helps anyone looking to make a pamper pack or send your someone special a link to this post as a hint 😉


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