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Teatox – The new way to detox

I have been seeing a lot of post of people using tea’s to detoxify but never thought about trying one until a sample from skinny mint came in my January Bellabox.


It came with a 6 day sample pack which included 6 “morning boost’ tea bags and 3 “night cleanse” tea bags, this is a 2 step detox program. You are to take the morning boost tea every morning before or while eating breakfast to help energise , boost metabolism, burn fat and curb appetite. You take the night cleanser every second night (which is why only 3 came in the sample pack), starting from the day you start the teatox. Best to take it before bed, it helps to detoxify your body while you sleep by deeply cleansing, regulates your digestion and calms your mind.

My experience 



First of all the tea smells nice a little bit fruity and tastes pretty good. I don’t like my tea to be too strong so I only steeped it for a minute and because of this I can get 3 cups out of 1 tea bag. I didn’t feel an increase in energy but that is because I don’t depend on coffee in the morning so couldn’t tell the difference. I would need to use it for a longer period to notice any major differences like helping to burn fat.



The smell of the night cleanse can be a bit strong and has a slight liquorice smell to it which was not very appealing to me. I steeped this for less than a minute and got 3 cups out of one tea bag.  The taste does take a bit of getting used to but because I make it weak it wasn’t too bad.

When I woke up the next day I had slight cramping but this is just apart of the whole ‘cleanse’ as it really does get things moving. I was happy with the effect of the night cleanse and do think it made a bit of an impact.


6 days wasn’t enough to see the full effect so I really want to get the full sized pack. The detox program is for 28 days, you can buy the pack from their website here and it comes with 28 morning boost tea bags and 14 night cleanse tea bags. I will do an update once I get and complete the 28 days.

But let me know have any of you tried a teatox, which one and how was your experience?


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