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January Lust Have It 2015


So we finally received the January LHI box and I am pretty happy with the range of products in here.

What came in the box:

wpid-20150220_183354-1.jpg    wpid-20150220_183620-1.jpg    wpid-20150220_183344-1.jpg     wpid-20150220_183725-1.jpg


Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm. This is a sample size, the RRP is $12.95 for 100ml, this sample contains 35ml and comes to $4.53

Colour by TBN Neon Nail Polish I have a few fluro pink nail polishes so I don’t think I’ll be using these. This is a full sized item and RRP for $2.50 

Natraganics Avado Organic Avocado Oil This is a full sized item and RRP for $15.99 

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in “mudcake” This is a full sized item and RRP for $24.95

Marsk Organic Eyeliner in “Pitch Black” This is a full sized item and RRP for $28.95 


Bonus: Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon in “Dollface” This is a full sized item and RRP for $7.99

5 out of 6 products are full sized and half are make up products which is what I want from these beauty boxes, so all in all I am happy about the products in here. The total comes to $84.91 

All prices shown are based on AUD prices.


3 thoughts on “January Lust Have It 2015

    1. Unfortunately I will not be using the Avocado Oil because it is already past its best before date, other subscribers from Lust Have It have contacted Avado asking why they were sent this product and the company has replied by saying it is still usable for upto 6 months after the best before date but that it just won’t be as potent.

      So because my skin tends breakout easily I don’t want to risk it and even if I did use it, it wouldn’t be a very accurate review of how the product works as it is loosing potency.

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