30 days of beauty · review

30 days of Beauty – Day 8

Holy Grail Makeup


MACs mineralise skinfinish is my most used and loved product.

MAC packaging is always sleek and sturdy, I do like that it has a see through lid it makes it easier to spot when it’s in your makeup bag/draw. The packaging on this has proven durable as I have thrown in my hand bag almost on a daily basis, it has flown with me and been placed (sometimes) carelessly in my makeup draw.

I mostly use this on it’s own but when I’m after full coverage I add it over my liquid foundation.I like to apply this is a kabuki brush as it helps to give a bit more coverage and buffs it into the skin. It is a light coverage so I do have to apply concealer on underneath on days when my skin is not the best but whats great about this is that it gives a nice even toned appearance on the face. Because it is a baked powder it has very small particles which help to keep your face from looking like a cake. Feels very light on the skin so especially on hot days you don’t feel like you skin is trapped under makeup.

The only con I have is that if you have visible pores (which I do) and do not use a primer to help fill them in than it will become more noticeable when you apply the powder.  This isn’t a long lasting, it will start to wear off after a couple of hours so you will need to retouch.

This is my second compact and I plan on buying another one once this runs out.


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