30 days of beauty

30 days of Beauty – Day 9

Makeup Storage 


I purchased this 10 draw trolley from officeworks and use it to hold various makeup and beauty products, my top 3 draws contains face makeup, single and small compact eyeshadows and lip glosses and lip liners. I also keep my most used body and hair products on top.


I use this small 5 draw storage box to hold eyeliners, mascara,  my MAC lipsticks and other small beauty tools such as tweezers and lash glue etc. The box on top is what one of my candles came in and I now use it to store cotton rounds which I use to remove excess makeup. I have this sitting on my dressing table.


On the other side of my dressing table I have these

My brushes which are held in a typo pencil tin

My drugstore lipsticks which are in an acrylic lipstick holder I purchased from Priceline.

I keep my NYX jumbo sticks in a pencil holder I found around the house

I keep eyeshadow primers, my most used concealers and primer samples in a small use candle jar

I keep my Chi Chi coloured eyeliners in the little pot plant from Ikea


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