30 days of beauty

30 Days of Beauty – Day 14

Favourite Product 


My favourite beauty product is this Ponds Cold Cream.

What it is? A thick cream which is used to remove makeup

How to use it? I grab a bit apply it in dots all over my face, putting some extra cream near my eyes and lips. I then rub it all over my face, eyes (I keep them closed) and lips. It does look like a hot mess on my face but that just shows all your makeup coming off. Then to get the cream off I use makeup wipes, the reason I use them instead of washing my face is because the cream becomes a bit oily/greasy as you rub it around and if you were to wash it with water and cleanser it would take a few washes to get it off. By using a makeup wipe it just picks up all the cream and makeup off your face, I then finish by using a cleanser and water to remove any left overs.

Where to buy? I purchased this when I was in a drug store from Canada a few years ago, I haven’t seen this product here in Australia yet.


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