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30 Days of Beauty – Day 21

Favourite Nail Polish

So I am a day behind but that just means 2 posts in 1 day 🙂

This is currently my favourite nail polish

Essie polish in Style Hunter

I received this in my February Bellabox and instantly I loved the colour, I feel like pinks and purples are the easiest colours to wear on my nails.

First of all lets just take a moment to appreciate the brush that comes with this nail polish, now I haven’t really been the type to pay much attention to the type of brushes that nail polishes come with but the Essie brush made me realise how nice it is to have a great shaped brush for your nail polish.

wpid-20150323_025850-1.jpg                      wpid-20150323_025840-1.jpg

The rounded tip on the end of brush helps to neatly apply polish around the bend on your nail and when you place it on your nail its fans out covering most of the space on the nail, this is what helps to create a nice and even coverage.

Now onto the polish, I found this colour to have very good pigmentation, if you had a good amount of product on the brush you could get away with 1 coat but I always like adding a second coat to make sure it is completely opaque. Once it dries it has a nice gloss to it (without a top coat) and feels very smooth when you touch it. It dries fast and doesn’t appear streaky at all. I didn’t apply a top coat when testing this out and wore this for 5 days before really noticing that it was wearing away, what was nice is that initially it doesn’t chip away but rather start fading quite neatly.

What I like to do when I notice it fading/chipping and I’m not bothered to take it off and apply another colour, is to reapply onto the tips then apply another coat of the whole nail to make it look seamless and with this polish it definitely did.

I am really glad I was able to try this out and since then I have purchased a few more.

Do you use Essie polishes? If so whats your favourite colour?


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