30 days of beauty

30 Days of Beauty – Day 24

Favourite Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner has been a favourite of mine for over 6 years now and during that time I have tried a few different brands but none stood out to me like the Essence Gel liners did


I am yet to open these as I am trying to finish my Rimmel one first (I hate wasting product)

These eyeliners come in little pots similar to the MAC fluidlines, the packaging may not be as nice looking as MACs but that really doesn’t bother me. The product itself is great; the pros include

– applying smoothly on the lid so you’re not tugging on your eyelid

– applies evenly so doesn’t look patchy

– is long lasting

– doesn’t smudge

– pigmented colour

– the pot lasted me 2 years (of me using it almost on a daily basis) so a little goes a long way

*The best part it is only $6 unlike MAC which is very similar in consistency but costs around $30

What is a shame is that a few years ago Essence stopped selling these, for a reason I’m not too sure about but while I was on holidays in the Philippines I found some, so if you are lucky enough to spot these, do pick some up as you won’t be disappointed.

*All prices are in AUD


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