30 days of beauty

30 Days of Beauty – Day 28



 Our lips will be dry and start to get flaky here n there especially during the colder months,  which is just not a good look. So what do I do when this happens; first of all I exfoliate and my main method is to start by applying a very thin amount of lip balm over the lips then I wet the end of a face towel with warm water and start using small circular motions to remove the dead skin.

If I can tell the flakes will be harder to get off I use my Lush lip scrub, this stuff smells and taste just like bubblegum (the best part if you can lick off some of the sugar and eat it hehe). I will once again apply a thin layer of lip balm all over the lips then get a small amount of lip scrub and rub it on the lips in a circular motion, then wipe the excess off with tissue or wet wipes. If your lips start to feel tender or like they’re about to bleed do not continue, just apply some lip balm and try again either later on or the next day.

I also always have lip balm with me, my current favourite is by EOS, I love the handy packaging which not only makes it easy and fun to apply but also easy to grab and spot when it’s in your handbag amongst all your other beauty items. I apply this whenever I feel like my lips need extra hydration during the day and every night before I go to sleep.

One of the best ways to help keep your lips hydrated is by keeping your body hydrated, water is amazing for the outside of our body as well as the inside. Whenever my lips becomes extra dry I know it’s a sign that I didn’t drink enough water that day.


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