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Maybelline Superstay Foundation Review


This has become one of my favourite foundations. Lets start with the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle and white lid makes it look polished. It is a thick glass and is very durable as I have dropped it a few times and hasn’t cracked, its not recommended to constantly drop it though lol.  The bad thing is that it doesn’t come with a pump so you do tend to waste a lot of product.

The product itself has the consistency of  a typical liquid foundation but do watch out when you pour some as it can come out a little too fast. I apply it with my Sigma F80 brush and use it to first stipple then buff the product into my skin. It has medium to full coverage so it’s perfect for nights out. When applied like this it stopped the foundation from looking cakey and actually makes your skin look nice.

The foundation claims to stay on for 24 hours, I learnt from Julia Graf (on youtube) that when companies say that, what they mean is that even if there is a speck of the product left by 24hrs then they can claim it lasts that long. I found this foundation to last around 8 hours, I would need to blot and reapply powder as I tend to get oily around my t-zone.

I do need to mix 2 different colours to get my perfect shade, it is good to keep in mind that it tends to oxidise a bit over time so if possible test the colour out for a couple of hours before purchasing. What’s great is that it is very affordable and good quality.

To be honest I don’t really have a fault with this foundation but everyones skin and experiences are different so do read a few different reviews and if possible test it out before you buy.


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