pure fiji

Pure Fiji Body Butter


Now if you’ve been following me for a while you would know how much I love the body butters from The Body Shop but I now have a new favourite, hello Pure Fiji.


Firstly how cute is the packaging of the little body butters, they just look so luxe but I wish they came with more product.

So why body butter? It’s a thicker cream and provides more moisture than a body lotion would. Body butters are the only thing that gives my skin enough moisture and yes I do drink plenty of water but my skin still needs more, especially during winter.

I have tried 3 different scents from Pure Fiji; Honey and Coconut, Mango and Orange Blossom. All of them smell amazing and what’s great is that you can still smell the scent on you a couple of hours later.

Like any body butter, you do have to work it into the skin but once it’s on it makes your skin glow, it lasts for a long time and it doesn’t leave it feeling greasy at all/

Now I’m not sure where you can purchase this in Australia, if you do know please let me know and if you do see Pure Fiji products then I suggest picking some up and trying them for yourself.

immediately and it won’t stick to your clothes.

This has far become my favourite body butter, now to figure out where I can find them here in Australia. If you do see these anywhere than I suggest you pick some up


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