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September Bellabox

Septemeber Bellabox

So since we are off from work for the holiday I’m going to take this time to play catch up


Organic Care body wash This is a full sized product and RRP for $6.99


Pilaten Collagen Lip Mask Even though this is an interesting concept, it isn’t something I’m keen on using and that is because my lips have had reactions when a face mask has accidentally touched it so I didn’t want to risk it. This is a full sized item and RRP for $4.95


Jurlique Age- defying, firming treatment mask, The RRP is for 5 masks for 1 mask it comes to $13.80


Chap Stick night repair – I believe this product normally comes as a 2 pack, a day time and night time one. The RRP is $6.99 for both, this night repair comes to $3.50 


Alluring Minerals Illuminiser – I was really excited about this product and unfortunately when the box arrived this item has opened up and spilled on everything. It took about a month for me to receive the replacement which is pretty disappointing but it is a good product non the less.

The RRP is $30 for 4g, that is a lot for only 4g.  This sample size doesn’t state how much product it contains but I’m going to assume it is  between 0.5g – 1g so it is roughly worth $5


Bonus – Palmers Cocoa Butter  – I have so many of these and the problem is I don’t like using sachets but I’m going to try and make a conscious decision to use them more. The RRP is $7.30 for 250ml, this sample comes with 5 ml and comes to $0.15

This box didn’t impress me a whole lot, my favourite item was the illuminiser and I had to wait an extra month to use that. The total for this box comes to $65.39. 


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