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Some Exciting News and New Nails


On the 24th of March 2016

My boyfriend of 3 year proposed to me, he had an amazing day planned for which included me having a day off work, getting my nails, hair and makeup done and then meeting up with him on a yacht

If you want to see a snap shot of what was involved on the day you can check out my instagram payal_pratap 


So that day my (now) fiance’ organised for me to get my nails and he chose the colour and glitter for my nails which was super cute.

This was the first time I had gotten gel nails done and I love it.

The gel has made my nails stronger, usually my nails get knocked around and chip slightly but that hasn’t happened yet.

It has almost been  a month since I got them done and the nail polish itself it almost the same, the only chips are on my thumb and pointer on my right hand but other than that it looks good as new.

The only thing I’m worried about is how to take the gel polish off and if it will affect my natural nails.


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