My Proposal Story

Hey Everyone,

I know I gave a little overview  of my proposal but I thought I would go into what he planned cause it was the sweetest thing and another way for me to relive the day  hehe

So Vishaal and I have been together for 3 years.

We met on a holiday that my cousin planned to the Gold Coast, the trip was my 2 female cousins, my cousins husband and 3 of their mutual friends (3 guys). 2 of the friends I knew but 1 (Vishaal) I didn’t. The holiday was a total of 9 days and throughout the trip Vish and I got to know each other better  and when we came back to Sydney we kept talking and seeing each other.

Then on the Thursday 24th of March 2014 we started a new chapter

On the Monday before my manager told me I’d be working from one of our branches which is closer to home since I get sent out there often I didn’t think much of it and it also meant I got to sleep in.

On the Thursday my mum woke me up at 6am claiming there was a package for me and I had to open it asap as it was for work. Half asleep and confused I make my way downstairs to find this


In the card it explained that;

  • I had the day off work
  • This was an early birthday celebration
  • To get ready by 7am as someone was going to come pick me up

Still confused at what was happening I took about 30 minutes to let it all sink in then I got ready

At 7am my door bell rings and it’s Vishaals friend K who will be driver and photographer for the day 🙂

Clue 1 “I hope you have worked up an appetite because you are going to breakfast at xs espresso”


I got the Dean Stack which is poached eggs, smashed avo, prosciutto on sourdough bread with a soy mocha.

After breakfast I received Clue 2


“I know you are obsessed with your nails so your next destination will be at a nail salon for a special treatment”


Vish had picked the colour and the glitter


Clue 3 “Everyone knows how into makeup you are, your whole room is filled with makeup …to feed into this obsession, your next destination will involve makeup in some way”

So we headed home and a little while later my friend Jessica shows up and gives me my birthday present to add to the whole”early Birthday celebration”

After about 10 minutes there’s a knock on the door and in comes a lady to do my hair and makeup. My hair and makeup style was also decided by my boyfriend.


After my hair and make up was done I received Clue 4 which came with this pink box


Inside the box was a long navy blue dress and a pair of silver heels with the note to get ready


I had strict instructions to get ready by 1pm, after which I received my 5th and final clue


“Your next destination will be your last and where you will get to see me, I want to celebrate your birthday with you and have you all to myself”

After this I say goodbye to my friend Jess and me K start driving, I try to guess where we are going pretty much the whole trip. After an hour or so of driving we stopped at a jetty in Palm Beach and this is where I said goodbye to K and met with Bridget who took me on a small boat towards a yacht


As we head closer I can see Vishaal standing at the end of the yacht.


Once on the boat I was asked to take my shoes off (turned out Vishaal requested this so I don’t fall over while on board hehe)

We then stood at the front and admired the view, after a couple of minutes and some lovely words he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife


We then went for a sail to a near by private beach, took some photos then headed back to the jetty where Vish and I got to spend some time alone

Throughout this whole day I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, I had never felt so special before and I’m go glad I have photos of everything so I can always remember it.


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