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My Kikki K Planners

I remember using a diary during high school and decorating it with highlighters, coloured pens and random stickers and drawings. I never appreciated planning, that was  until last year when I discovered Kikki K and the cute diaries they had on offer and thus began my love for planning.

These are the 2 planners I am currently using


Large Kikki K Dark Mint Planner

This planner is the main one I use. I use the monthly calendar to plan out my month in advance and put in any upcoming events I have. I also use this to track things like pay day, bills due etc.


My weekly inserts are from the 2016 cute collection from Kikki K. The best way I found to use the horizontal weekly inserts is by having drawing a line down the middle. I use the left side to write general to do’s or things I need to do while at work and on the right hand side is my to do’s for after work.


What I love about the cute collection inserts is that the sides are already decorated so it saves me from having to get out my washi tape.

I also use this planner to plan smaller events like my engagement party, birthday, holidays etc. There is plenty of room for a lot of details. Currently I am using this as my wedding planner as well but this will be changing very soon 🙂

The pockets in the front is great for storing sticker sheets, quote cards, pages flags and any other small stationery item. At the front you have 3 card slots and a larger slot, 2 pockets and a zipper pocket. So there is no shortage of storage in these planners.


Best to use the large planner if

  • you will be keeping the planner at home or work
  • you have a lot to write
  • you will be using it to plan events/meetings etc
  • prefer more space for weekly planning
  • good for planning monthly, weekly and events


Kikki K Medium Peach Planner

I use my medium planner to plan my blog posts.


I have a weekly insert so I can plan my post each week, this is once again from this years cute collection


I find this planner effective for blog planning as I able to have separate sections for each topic in my blog.



Best to use the medium planner if

  • you will be carrying the planner with you
  • prefer to jot your notes
  • constantly need to plan or write things on the run
  • if used for one specific reason rather than a whole range reason



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