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Chemist Warehouse

Everyone in Australia knows that makeup is way too expensive especially compared to our US counterparts. So why ever pay full price, Chemist warehouse are generally a bit cheaper when it comes to makeup the only downside is that they only carry Maybelline, Loreal and Revlon.

Chemist warehouse constantly has sales on their makeup and they just had 50% off all cosmetics so I picked up a few things to try.


Whats great is I had a $10 off coupon thanks to the entertainment voucher so even more savings 🙂

I purchased 3 of the Revlon Photoready Eye Art RRP $22.95 purchase for $10.


2 W7 Nail Polishes – I have never heard of this brand but I needed to spend an extra $2 to use my $10 coupon.

RRP is $2.99 and it was buy 1 get 1 free so of course I got 2


I also got a few beauty essentials, makeup pads, cotton buds and cosmetic q – tips.


What’s great about these cosmetic q tips is that you can use them to correct mistakes while applying makeup.


I love using the pointed end for fixing up my winged eyeliner, and the flat side is better for larger areas you need to fix. These are a better quality compared to normal cotton buds, the cotton is much firmer on either end making it very precise to fix makeup mistakes. I also love the purple stick that it’s on, very cute.

Everything in chemist warehouse is cheaper even it’s only by 30cents but every little bit counts 🙂

My total if I paid RRP price would have been $81.58, I only paid $43.69 meaning I saved $37.89 

In other words purchasing 2 of the Revlon Photoready Eye art  anywhere else in Australia would cost the same amount as what I paid for all these items.

So next time you need some necessities or want to try something from  Maybelline, Revlon or Loreal then stop by Chemist Warehouse.


No this post is not in anyway sponsored by Chemist Warehouse, Purchased the items with my own money and all opinions are my own.


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