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It’s not all about the Diamond

A Diamond ring for an engagement is a very popular choice but lately a lot of people have been choosing alternatives. Here are a few unique options for engagement “rings”.


There are so many different gemstones out there for you to choose from and each with their own meanings. Some people choose gems stones because of their meaning, it’s their or their partners birthstone or just because they love the look of that stone.

Here are a few examples of different stones that can be used for an engagement ring, so unique and beautiful.



A more modern approach to engagement and wedding rings has been tattoos. I actually know of a few people who have done this and their reason behind it is that tattoos are permanent and that symbolises the commitment they made to each other which is a really sweet idea.


Simple Rings 

A thin gold band with a small stone or knot, these simple rings have become very popular. The knot symbolises the strength between the couple while the infinity sign symbolises everlasting love.

You can find rings like these sold on Etsy or even handmade jewellery stalls at markets.


An engagement ring doesn’t need to be anything super flashy or expensive just as long as it means something to you and your partner.

Just remember this will be a ring you will be wearing everyday so make it something you will love.



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