Makeup Storage

Thanks to the Kardashians acrylic makeup storages have become very popular and I can see why. The boxes are simple in design and allow you to lay your makeup out so that everything is visible.


The best place to buy it if you live in Australia is The Makeup Box Shop 

They have a range of storage options including lipstick and lipgloss holders, nail polish stands, brush holders etc and it’s free shipping if you spend over $40 which is not hard to do.

While placing an order for my friends birthday present I purchased the compact organiser as it was on sale. The images online aren’t very clear but there are dividers in the holder for 6 compacts to fit in.


As you can see it’s wide enough to fit your powder compacts and MAC skinfinish compacts. Thanks to the dividers the compacts stay standing and are easily accessible when you’re in a rush.


 I also found another use for the compact organiser.

I have so many sachet samples and was keeping them in a makeup bag but because of this I was forgetting to use them so I needed a way to store them where I could see them.


I organised the sachets in categories and placed them in the slots. Now I can actually see what samples I have and make sure I use them before they expire.



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