Wedding Wednesday – Venue Hunting

Hey Everyone,

So since I am now engaged, the fun (stressful part) begins.

My tip: Enjoy your engagement for as long as possible before you start wedding planning


We have already booked our venue for our engagement party and I just want to share a few things I’ve learnt along the way.


The first thing to do is to think of a theme and how you want the party to look and feel. Are you going to do something formal or casual, a venue to hire out or do a bbq at a park. By thinking of what kind of feel you want for your party, it can help to narrow down the venue options.

The reason I put theme first is because if you know you want kinda of location you want to hold the party in you can then estimate the guest list and budget accordingly.

Here are a few options and ideas for engagement parties

  • Party in your backyard (casual or semi formal)
  • BBQ at a park
  • lunch/dinner at a restaurant
  • formal party in a hall/function centre
  • image_5indian-wedding-reception-venue-table-setting-floral

Guest List

The next thing you want to do is to create a draft guest list. This gives you an idea of how many people you are expecting so when looking for venues you can check if it meets your requirements.

Below is a wedding guest list manager, I’ve seen variations of this all over Pinterest and think this would be a good way to cut out unnecessary people from the list.

Please keep in mind if you invite someone to your engagement party then you will have to invite them to your wedding.



Budget is very important but unless you have looked at venues or planned a party for the amount of guest you plan on having then thinking of a budget straight away can be difficult.

 If you haven’t got an idea then the best thing to do is to see a range of venues, see what they offer (I will talk more about that) and how much they will charge.

Have a back up idea in case your original idea isn’t cost effective. Once you’ve seen whats on offer then you can decide on what works best for you and how much you’re willing to spend. Remember it is only your engagement party and you still have a wedding to pay for after this.

My best tip when looking at venues is to take photos

Take photos of what you love, what you don’t love, images of the areas that you have a specific decoration in mind for – anything and everything of that venue.

Questions to ask 

What is included and what isn’t?

examples of things that may or may not be included are;

  • table linen
  • centrepieces
  • extra cost for tiffany chairs and/or chair decoration
  • decoration on bridal table/ where the couple will be sitting
  • unlimited soft drinks and juice
  • alcohol
  • food – 3 course, buffet or cocktail
  • wait staff
  • champagne to toast with
  • champagne flutes
  • wishing well
  • use of projector screen
  • use of microphones and sound system


Centrepiece-Low-Silk-Flowers2  gold_tiffany_chairs-447x447

How much is the deposit and when do you need to pay the full amount

When do you need to give a final number of guests

What is their cancellation policy and are you able to move dates if something unexpected was to happen without loosing any money

If the venue is catering, can you taste the food

What time will the venue be open to you for decoration and set up

Extra things some function centres can help you with is 





You can apply these tips when looking for a venue for any occasion, I hope this helps some of you new brides and grooms to be and remember to enjoy this moment and not to stress (too much).

Just remember something will always go wrong and there’s nothing you can do but enjoy the moment.


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