Inspiration – Wedding Wednesday


Lets get inspired!

Here are some tools to gather inspiration for your big day



Pinterest is great for getting inspiration as  you can create boards for every little thing and you can pin any image you see online to your board. Pinterest is also a great way of finding DIY ideas and how to’s.

Some examples of inspiration boards you can create

  • make up
  • hair
  • outfit
  • decor
  • ideas for bridal showers/kitchen teas

You can click here to see the boards I have



Instagram has amazing images for inspiration. I search hash tags for things that I’m interested in at the time ie; henna designs, wedding cakes, Indian bridal. When I find something I love, I take a screenshot and save it to my Wedding album on my phone gallery. This is also a great way to find Instagram pages that are dedicated to bridal related topics.




Google Search


Lets not forget good old Google search to find inspiration images. You can either screenshot images and save them on your phone or add them to your Pinterest board.

When it comes to choosing your flowers or the type of hair and makeup you want; create a word document with the images you liked most, print this out and take it with you when speaking to the people you have booked.

What greats about collecting images of what you want and like is that you can show people your style and they can help you create the look you are after rather than trying to explain to them what you want.


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