Save the Date – Wedding Wednesday


Date is set

Venue is booked

Now it’s time to let people know

It is very easy to just create an event on Facebook and let people  know that way but there is something so lovely about receiving save the dates via mail.

I have found the cutest save the date idea from Something Turquoise 

Click on the link above to see all the option they have for save the dates with templates and information on how to make your own, downloadable templates and what you need.

69891c0c5289a5e77258125ed7036a04       Untitled8c409051d4d6f70102607d549517c966

 What I love about these is that you can purchase small stickers from Social Print Studio  of you and your partner so people can add the stickers on their calendar. How  very cute is that!

To get $5 off your order from Social Print Studio add 9PAYALEBY0 at the checkout

I took inspiration from here for my save the dates to let people know of my engagement party and wedding, I will post the images shortly

Happy DIY


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